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Unleashing Your Potential: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Constantin Morun

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A Journey of Self-Discovery

In a world often filled with challenges and uncertainties, finding one's path to personal growth and self-discovery can be a transformative and empowering experience. Today, we want to introduce you to an extraordinary individual who has not only embarked on this journey but has also made it his life's mission to guide others along a similar path. Meet Constantin Morun, a Holistic Life Empowerment Mentor and the host of the inspirational podcast, "Unleash Thyself."

**A Journey from Fear to Authenticity**

Constantin's story is one of profound transformation. Over 15 years ago, he found himself trapped in a life overshadowed by fear. Like many of us, he hid his authentic self, fearing judgment and rejection. But life had other plans for him. In a moment of courage, he chose vulnerability over fear, embarking on a journey that would ultimately lead him to discover his true purpose.

Constantin's personal journey serves as a testament to the power of self-discovery. He didn't just overcome fear; he embraced it and used it as a stepping stone toward becoming the person he was meant to be. This remarkable transformation from a fear-ridden individual to an empowered advocate of self-discovery is a story that inspires and resonates with anyone seeking to break free from their limitations.

**Holistic Life Empowerment Mentorship**

Today, Constantin Morun is not just a symbol of personal growth; he is a guide for others on their unique paths. As a Holistic Life Empowerment Mentor, he brings together various aspects of life, including technology, spirituality, and mentorship, to offer a holistic and powerful perspective.

His approach is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone has untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. Through his insights and guidance, Constantin helps individuals unlock their full capabilities, leading to positive changes in their lives and the world around them. His dedication to uplifting and empowering every member of his audience is evident in everything he does.

**Unleash Thyself Podcast**

Constantin's mission to inspire and empower extends beyond his mentoring work. He hosts the podcast "Unleash Thyself," where he shares stories, insights, and wisdom aimed at helping listeners on their own journeys of self-discovery and personal growth. Each episode is a source of inspiration and practical advice, offering a unique blend of spirituality and practicality.

In his podcast, Constantin delves into topics like the integration process after a spiritual awakening, the power of gratitude, and the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals on the path of personal transformation. He shares his inspiration behind the podcast's cover art, featuring a tree symbolizing personal growth and the importance of a strong foundation.

**Embracing Love, Compassion, and Empathy**

Constantin Morun's message is clear: follow your heart and embrace love, compassion, and empathy in your own life. His journey and insights are a beacon of hope for those seeking a more fulfilling and authentic existence. Whether you're looking to overcome fear, discover your purpose, or simply find inspiration in the journey of self-discovery, Constantin's story is one that will resonate with you.

Constantin Morun's life is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and the incredible impact one person can have on the lives of many. His journey from fear to authenticity is an inspiring example of the human spirit's capacity for growth and empowerment. Through his mentoring, podcast, and advocacy, Constantin is helping others embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and unleash their true potential.

Michelle's Inspiration Hour Interview with Constantin Morun Transcript:

Michelle Henderson (01:07):

Hello everybody. Welcome to Michelle's Inspiration Hour, the podcast that aims to bring a little sunshine into your day. In each episode, we explore stories of personal growth, self-discovery, professional development to inspire and uplift you. Today we have an extraordinary guest join us, Constantine Morin. With over 15 years of experience, Constantine is a passionate advocate of personal growth and self-discovery. His journey from a fear ridden individual hiding his authentic self to embracing that vulnerability serves as a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery. As a holistic life empowerment mentor, Constantine empowers individuals on their unique path towards growth and self-discovery, not only in his professional life, but also through his podcast Unleash Thyself. So I'm going to stop talking and I'm going to bring our wonderful guest on so that we can hear all about his life's journey. Hello.

Constantin Morun (02:17):

Hello, Michelle and hello everyone. Well, thank you for that beautiful introduction both in the audio and video formats. I love that. Thank you.

Michelle Henderson (02:25):

Oh, absolutely, absolutely. And to me it just kind of makes it like we appreciate your expertise and your vulnerability for coming onto the show and sharing with us what you have learned in your journey. So first of all, what I want to ask you is what do you, before we really dive into really who you are, who do you want people to remember you by or who do you want them to think of you as?

Constantin Morun (02:56):

That's a great question, Michelle. I want them to see me and think of me as just another one of them. I'm just another person on this planet that has figured out a couple of things and is still learning so much more, and I'm just here to inspire and empower them on this beautiful journey just like you are, Michelle.

Michelle Henderson (03:15):

Absolutely. And you know what? And there are a lot of people that really need the inspiration and the guidance these days. It's really nice to have that little of sunshine as we say. Exactly. Alright, so whenever I was reading your bio, and I've really thought about this, that you had a spiritual awakening, and I absolutely love to hear about this. And this kind of changed your stepping stone in your life. You decided kind of change direction to help others and really connect with others. Can you walk us through what a spiritual awakening is, first of all, and how you went through your spiritual awakening?

Constantin Morun (03:57):

Absolutely, Michelle. I love the question. I should preface with the fact that I was born in Eastern Europe, like you shared in the introduction and being born in Eastern Europe meant that you generally follow specific religion. And I was different with my grandparents and parents. We were Christian Orthodox, but I was never really big into religion and it wasn't something I practiced often when I moved to Canada, they changed as well. I became mostly an agnostic for most of my younger years, including my twenties. And I didn't really understand what spirituality was or spiritual awakening or any of the stuff until I want to say early to mid thirties is when it really came to me. And what for me, a spiritual awakening is it's finally an understanding that first of all, there's a reason for us to be on this planet. There's a reason for us to be in this body right this moment.

And also that there's something bigger out there than ourselves, right? Some people call it God, some people call it the universe. Some people call it the higher self, but it's just a simple understanding that yes, we can connect to everything around us, including what's above and what's on this planet. And at the same time also find the purpose and meaning in our life. Because as I said, my biggest realization was to wait a second, I'm not here just by chance I'm not here just to live another life and then move on. I am here for a reason. So let me find out what that reason was, and that took a bit of time to find.

Michelle Henderson (05:31):

Okay. So tell us about your spiritual awakening. You said that you were in their thirties, so what kind of prompted it? Were you pulled towards something or what exactly happened? Well,

Constantin Morun (05:46):

The way I see it now is that the universe is so good at putting signs in our life and we tend to miss some of those signs as we go through life, as we go through the motions. And I was different. There were signs in my twenties, which piqued my interest, but then I mostly ignored. And in my thirties when I was going through my separation, moving from Ontario, Canada to Nova Scotia, Canada, I went through a bit of a spiritual journey. I went through a holistic healer I knew from the past that was able to draft up a chart and tell me things about myself. Then no, I should know just with a name and a date of birth, at least in my mathematical mind, it doesn't make sense. So that got me thinking about my unique gifts, my unique talents, and how every single one of us also have those unique gifts and talents and how can it be that everyone is so unique and have necessarily a purpose in this life.

And then there's nothing bigger than that. There's nothing that connect all of it. So that's kind of how it all started. I would say I was about 34 at the time, and I was working with this lady to truly understand myself better, what those gifts are, what those challenges are that I've come with or come associated with those gifts and then start working on it. But to be honest, it wasn't until last year in 2022 when I was 39, that it really all came together for me. We were coming out of the pandemic and I was fairly burnt out from my corporate job. I worked for Microsoft, a very demanding job, but also very important job because during the pandemic I was one of the people that enabled customers and individuals to work remotely, to work from home so they can spend time with their family and still be able to accomplish work.

So in that sense it was rewarding, but also it got me burnt out. It got me feeling like there must be more to life out there. So I went on this three week journey to Ecuador by myself, and part of the journey was a mental health retreat, and part of it was just me visiting Ecuador as a country. And during this retreat is when I met many beautiful souls individuals that I connected with right away because we were sharing essentially a journey, we were sharing similar ideas in terms of how we see life, and these are people from all corners of the world and people that have various backgrounds, some in the technology world like myself, but also everyone else. And industry treat is when I had a chance to meditate a lot, to sit with planned medicine, native to the Amazonian jungle, and my eyes are opened.

That's the best way I can describe it. I got to understand what life should be about, how we should ideally look at life from a point of love and everything that's beautiful rather than a place of fear. And I was very good at looking at life from a place of fear because again, that's how I was raised in Eastern Europe, but that's also how society unfortunately pushes us to follow, always looking at the negativities side of things, always showing us the bad things and not as much celebrating the good stuff in life. So that's kind of how my spiritual journey came about. And then of course I came back from that retreat and I was a different man, but no one else changed. So that adjustment was difficult

Michelle Henderson (09:15):

And I understand that and good for you for looking for something different. And I find out that the more people I've talked to, it seems like we do get burned out in our jobs. And sometimes that's kind of like the universe saying, you know what? There's more out there than what you're doing. Exactly. And that's when you start searching. You know what I'm saying? And I know whenever you do the healing medicine and everything, it kind of opens you up to a whole new world. And you yourself as well, you get to know yourself, your soul that much better. But when you come back into society and you have to integrate, it's almost like you're born once again after going through that spiritual journey out of the country and you found yourself and you came back and it's almost like to me like a near death experience because your soul has discovered itself and now you have to integrate into society. So how did you do that after finding all this wonderful stuff about you? Yeah,

Constantin Morun (10:25):

I mean, how did I do it? I didn't do it very well, that's for sure. And I've come to realize in hindsight that integration is the most difficult part and the most important part. But that goes for anything in life. We are very good at consuming information and thinking about changes, but then it's hard for us to implement those in our life. And I'm no different. I look at myself and I saw the pattern growing up. And in my twenties and my thirties, even though I would accomplish great things, there are many things that would go undone because I would not take that action. So with planned medicine, it's no different. But I would say it's another level above that because it's a lot more intense what you go through, what you experience. And like you said, you are already born, you are a different person.

Well, how do you integrate that into your life? And for me, the integration component included a period of depression. For the first time in my life, I felt really down. I felt really defeated. I felt like it didn't matter or what I was doing didn't matter. And it was about seven months of me fighting with that despite a lot of amazing things happening in my life at the time. So beautiful things happen, beautiful realizations, beautiful understandings. I find my purpose or what I believe to be my purpose. I came up with idea for the podcast. Many other things happened in my personal life, but I wasn't really being grateful for those. I wasn't really taking them into account until a bit later when I looked back and I'm like, wow, there's a lot of good stuff that happened. But because I was in such a dark space, I did not appreciate them in that moment.

And for me, being in a dark space meant I withdrew from people, family and friends. I went inwards a lot more. And that was to some degree good, because it finally allowed emotions that I was burying deep down to come up and be analyzed and allowed to come up and allow myself to feel them. So there was a lot of inner work and self discovery work that was done. I personally believe that's a big part of integration because the primary medicine essentially removed all of the layers of the conditioning I had and allowed my true self to show up. So a result of my integration, a result of the work I did, I finally became my authentic self, which occasionally would show up, let's say in my personal life, but would not necessarily show up in my professional life or even in circles of friends or activities. Because again, I was always afraid of being judged. I was always afraid of not fitting in. I was always afraid of being left out right fears that a lot of us unfortunately have.

Michelle Henderson (13:09):

I totally agree. And it's like when people hear that word virtual awakening, they think it's going to be all fun. We're going to have fun, we're going to enjoy it. But like you said, it's like peeling the onion, like we say, trying to find out our unique selves. And it's so interesting that you're a little bit older. Whenever we're discovering our true selves, I guess we have to learn what we need to learn to get where we need to be.

Constantin Morun (13:38):

Yes. But here's the interesting thing, Michelle, you did touch on an important thing, right? We are older on average, but what I saw the retreat and what I'm seeing more now in the world is that people of all ages are realizing that, hey, what our parents did, what our grandparents did, what the world is telling us we should be doing is not working. So they're going on the spiritual awakening journey. And at the retreat I was at, there were people as young as 18 and people as old as 75. So that's the beauty in it because that reminds me that it's never too late. Yes, it took me until I was almost 40 to realize all these beautiful things, but it doesn't mean that it will take you, when I say you're someone in the audience, let's say if you're 2025 or even 50 60, it may not take you 20 plus years together because now you have access to beautiful conversations like the one Michelle is hosting to amazing people or amazing resources that you can tap into and speed up the process. You can then enjoy what comes after.

Michelle Henderson (14:40):

So why do you think the shift, and I agree with you totally, that a lot of younger individuals are waking up and they're showing so much more maturity. So why do you think the shift is, why do you think it's changing like that?

Constantin Morun (14:58):

That's a great question. I mean, my understanding and the way I see it now is that of course, earth or Mother Earth is going through a transition as well. And we as humans are going through that. It's a spiritual awakening on a global level. But I would also look at it as a snowball or a ripple effect because Michelle, as you wake up and as I wake up, then people in our lives are going to see the benefit of that. They're going to be touched by it, which means that they now have a chance to wake up as well. So it's speeding up and speeding up because more and more people are coming alive, they're understanding who they are, what their purpose is, and then they're helping others do the same. And because of the internet, sorry, sorry, Michelle. Yeah, I was going to just say one thing, and because of the internet, it's so much easier now to connect with people across the globe to share information to help them on this path. And I believe that that's a crucial aspect of this because in the past, and I look at myself, I was born in Eastern Europe, I only had access to limited information. I only had access to limited people. I came to Canada, same thing in, I came in two thousands and to Canada, limited access. Then the internet came about, and now all of a sudden, your playground is the world, so you can connect with so many beautiful people and resources. So you can go on this path as well.

Michelle Henderson (16:20):

Hi, if you are being inspired by this episode, please share with somebody that will also be inspired. We are here to change the world. All right, let's get back to the conversation. And Oh, very true. I remember growing up we would have radio stations and it would be so hard to get on a radio station and have your own talk show. It would cost a lot of money. So I totally agree with you that technology has really helped us out and really has helped us grow. But yeah, so I was going to also say when you said when people wake up, it kind of reminds me of my favorite movie, the Matrix, and it just makes total sense why that was my favorite movie, even though I didn't know what I would experience now.

Constantin Morun (17:15):

Yeah, absolutely. I'm with you on that for sure. I mean, I look at myself. So I would say my first spiritual experience was when I was 25, so that's 15 years ago now, even though there was internet, I still didn't have access to resources like today, like podcasts, like this, books, people, coaches, mentors, communities of individuals that one could join. And because of that and because of who I was surrounding myself with, I put on the back shelf. I didn't touch it for another almost 10 years because of that. But now again, you have that opportunity where if you feel something inside, go find what it's, and it doesn't necessarily mean go find it externally because it is inside you, which means you can sit with yourself and do that. And again, that's something I didn't know I could do for a long time. But once you see with yourself, once you allow everything to come up and then you surround yourself with beautiful people, again, it could be virtual. It's going to transform your life for sure.

Michelle Henderson (18:15):

And don't you feel like it really helps you along your journey when you find what you said, other people that believe in the exact same thing that you do, it keeps your energy up, it keeps your positivity up. And whenever you do have that spiritual awakening, it's hard because then you start seeing people in a different light.

Constantin Morun (18:37):

You do. It definitely made me more compassionate, more empathic, coming more from a place of love than fear. And you are exactly right. If you meet people that at least you share some ideas with, you don't even have to have the same beliefs because Michelle, you may believe in God, and I may be believing the universe, but at the same time, if we believe that we can be better as humans and we can work together and we can achieve so many beautiful things, and while that's what really connects us, it's not we believe in or what we believe in, if it's the core principles that we believe in at the align, that's going to take us very far. And when I shifted my mindset around that, when I realized that what I'm seeing outside of me, it's a reflection of who I am inside. That also changed my perspective a lot because I was someone that always wanted people to change.

I want to change my partner. I don't like that about her. I want to change my boss. I don't like that about him, my parents, whatever you name it. And then I realized that, wait a second, if I change myself, everything else around me will change, including the people I interact with because there's going to be a reaction to how I change. And some people may live my life, and that's fine because we're no longer in alignment. And then many other beautiful souls come in alignment. And I'll tell you what, Michelle, the amount of people I've met in the last 12 months, including the trip in Ecuador, and the amount of people I met through my podcast, both on the guest side, but as well as on the audience side, I would've never imagined I would meet these type of people in my life, such good friends from day one, which is an incredible feeling to have.

Michelle Henderson (20:20):

Absolutely. And let's go ahead and talk about your podcast, because I actually went on there and I listened to, and it was just, you're just so comfortable and it seems like you're channeling as you're talking about a certain topic, and it's almost like you're channeling because it's coming so smoothly and it's so wise, it's so uplifting. So I appreciate you.

Constantin Morun (20:48):

Thank you so much for those kinds words, Michelle. I never thought of it the way as a channeling of sorts, but here's what all my life, I've been someone that when I would learn something I would love to share with people, and I was comfortable talking to people and talking in large settings, in presentations, and in my professional life for the last 10 plus years, that's what I've been doing. I've been doing presentations and conversations, but usually on technology related items. And I love that aspect of it. But really what makes my heart smile is talking to people about personal transformation, about self-discovery and spirituality, and on my show and unleash myself. It's about the same things as you do. I invite amazing people to the show. And by the way, everyone is amazing. So anyone could be on the show and we have a conversation on whatever they specialize in.

So if it's someone that's a hypnotherapist, well, we go and dive deep into the subconscious mind and how they see the world and why hypnotherapy may help you. Or if it's someone that's a spiritual healer or guide, we go down that path. And the idea of the show like yours is to inspire and empower people on this journey. Because one of the things that helped me the most in my life is to keep an open mind and expose myself to different perspectives and then make my own mind. I don't want people to influence me to make a decision, but either give me information, I'll sit with it, and then I'll decide if it's for me or not. And ever since I started the show, which was only about two and a half months ago, I've learned so, so much, Michelle, it's unbelievable how many beautiful souls come in and challenge my own thought process. And then they get me thinking about, well, you know what? Maybe that's an area of my life I haven't looked at enough I should be looking at.

Michelle Henderson (22:34):

Yes. Oh yes, and I totally agree. So the name of your podcast is Unleashed Thyself, and I've got to talk about your cover. And if you're just listening to it, you'll have to come and look at his cover of Unleashed Thyself, his podcast cover, but it pictures a tree with the roots. Can you explain what your inspiration was behind you creating this?

Constantin Morun (23:01):

Yes, absolutely. Thank you for giving me a chance to talk about it. I also love it. When I finally saw it, I was like, this is exactly what I had in my mind. And you and I, Michelle, were talking about this offline. This is where the advancement of artificial intelligence is taking us. What you see on the screen, for those that are seeing this, it's 99% created through artificial intelligence. I had to work with it for a few hours to give it the right prompts, to give it the right inspiration. And then it created this among a few other examples. But the idea behind it is that I looked at what represents personal transformation and growth in nature and what's more majestic than a beautiful tree. And you can see it bloom every year. You can say get bigger and bigger. And that's part of the inspiration with the tree in the front.

Then I know the sacred geometry is all around us, and I did mention to you, Michelle, I have a mathematics background, so mathematics always fascinates me. And I know that geometry is sacred geometry specific, and I can see you have one behind you as well that it's all around us. So that's why the roots that we have, the sacred geometry as well as in the borders. And then I wanted to emphasize the fact that the roots are there and the roots are strong because oftentimes we look at a tree and we see the top and we see, wow, that's a beautiful tree. It's big, it's full of branches and leaves, but we don't understand that beneath the surface is where the foundation is. And I say the same as us human beings. We cannot be strong and tall and powerful without having a strong foundation.

And the show unleashed itself. And what I do on the show, on our other show, it's all about helping people find that foundation and build upon it, because we all have some foundation. It's a matter of how do we get it stronger so then when the wind comes in, when the hurricane comes in, we can withstand it. And then of course, I have some birds in the background as well, representing freedom and representing you want to unleash in the best version of yourself and just taking off and flying and the sun and the mountains in the backdrop as well, because this is a journey. So when you start, you're this beautiful, magnificent being, at the end, you're going to be even, even better.

Michelle Henderson (25:14):

And you know what? Looking at it and what I also see, and I love the roots at the very bottom, how right in the middle, they're kind of coming together, they're holding onto one another.

Constantin Morun (25:26):


Michelle Henderson (25:27):

Kind of. It makes it stronger. You make it stronger by holding yourself, your soul, is what I'm getting from that part.

Constantin Morun (25:35):

And I love that, Michelle, because almost everyone gets something different and it's whatever speaks to you. And if you look at the branches in the middle, I really like this version because it's almost like it's a human being holding their hands up and then just letting it grow into this magnificent being.

Michelle Henderson (25:53):

Yes. Oh my gosh. See, I love pictures and artwork like this that you can actually, like you said, see different things. And it's almost like a forced connection thing where you're looking at to what you need at that moment.

Constantin Morun (26:09):

Exactly, exactly. You're absolutely right. And there's so much we can get out of art, like beat this, beat music or anything else that can help us on this path.

Michelle Henderson (26:19):

Absolutely. Absolutely. So if I was going to come to you and I said, you know what, I need some inspirational advice, just general, I'm having a horrible week. What would you say a general statement?

Constantin Morun (26:35):

That's a great question. And you know what, that comes up often. And the first thing I would ask you, Michelle, is what are you grateful for week? Tell me five things that despite your week being horrible, made you even consider putting a smile on for even just a second, or made you stop and just think about something else.

And the reason I did that is because I started the practice of gratitude a while back, and it's transformed my life among many of the other things I do because it's rewiring my brain from always piling up negative stuff on top of negative stuff, with also having a perspective of, you know what? It's not all bad. There's all these beautiful things happening in your life. So then when something bad happens, your brain doesn't jump right away to telling you, well, oh, how about these other things that happened to you this week, last month, last year? It's almost like it is shifting your perspective. So you don't ever approach everything from the negative side, from the fear side.

Michelle Henderson (27:36):

I love it. I love it now, I love that because it, it starts rewiring your brain exactly what you said. And I love, okay, I'm trying to say this without saying I love, okay, so in the background you have plaques that say love on there and you got the heart. And I also have a plaque behind me that says love. And I think it's on one of these sides.

Constantin Morun (28:01):

It on my side. Yeah, it's on my left.

Michelle Henderson (28:03):

So yeah, there's love and then there's faith on the other side. So I think it's real interesting that our podcasts are very similar and we also have plaques with love on there.

Constantin Morun (28:14):

Yeah, I love that, Michelle. And for me, when I say love, people look funny at me occasionally, and I don't necessarily mean love, it's portrayed in the movies, even though that's a big it, but everything that comes from love, compassion, empathy, being more understanding. And it starts with doing that to yourself because I used to be so good at putting myself down, doubting myself at not showing myself love that again, that's what was showing up in the outside world. So once I was able to truly understand that and go inwards and start to shift those beliefs and those approaches, it transform my life. And right above the sign with love, there's a sign that says, follow your heart. And that's what I've been doing ever since I had my transformation. And I tell you what, it's made my corporate job much better or my life there. It's made my personal life much better. It's made everything so much better because now I understand who I am, I understand what my purpose is, or at least a version of it, right? Because it's always growing, the vision always grows, and I'm able to bring that to everything I do, be it a job or being my personal life or being something that I'm passionate about, like the podcast.

Michelle Henderson (29:28):

Oh, I love it. Okay. Are you ready for the last question?

Constantin Morun (29:33):

Yes, let's do it. I'm excited. Show me the wheel at the beginning, and I'm curious to see what I land on. It's always going to be the right question for the right time. So let's see.

Michelle Henderson (29:42):

I know, right? And it always brings that child energy through. It's like, Ooh, let's see. Let's go ahead and spin it. All right, let's see what the question is. Oh, interesting.

Constantin Morun (30:01):


Michelle Henderson (30:01):

Okay. This is a very interesting question because everybody is so different. So whenever you talk to somebody, would you rather talk to someone by voice over the phone or would you just rather text him?

Constantin Morun (30:20):

I don't think the question came up because I used to be a big texter, I'll be honest with you, and I still am to some degree. But what I have found more and more lately is that when you text, like you mentioned the word energy a few minutes ago, the energy that you hold in that moment that that person holds when they read the message, it is not really transmitting us directly. And you can't really tell, you usually send me a text, I dunno, the tone of voice, I dunno how you felt in the moment. So it's a bit less personal. And I have found that talking on the phone, and I have lots of friends and family spread around the world, like North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, all over the place. And I found that picking up a phone and talking with them changes things so drastically.

So I try to do it as much as I can. So people I met in Ecuador, for example, I still have quite a few amazing friends there. So I at least once a month try to connect with them through the phone. We do a video chat and you can literally feel the energy, you can sense the energy. It makes it so much more of an honest and direct conversation and it touches your soul. So I would say that whenever I have a chance, it has to be a voice call. However, on a video call, the only other thing I'll add really quick is I use WhatsApp a lot and it has a feature where you can leave a voice note. And that's actually something that I learned from one of my mentors to lean in more towards. So actually once a week or maybe more often, I just leave voice notes to my friends, to my family, and they seem to love it because again, my energy comes true. You can sense more as to what the message is than just from the words themselves.

Michelle Henderson (32:06):

I love it. And it also helps too when you get a text and you're going, what do they mean by that?

Constantin Morun (32:18):

Yeah, I mean, we're very good as human beings at interpreting things. And I mean, it doesn't mean we can't interpret, like you and I have a conversation right now, I can still interpret things a certain way, but when at least you hear my voice and my intonation, if I talk like this, oh Michelle, I really like what I'm doing, how about you? You can tell right away something is off, but if it in the text, that part is missing a hundred percent. Right?

Michelle Henderson (32:43):

And you don't feel that energy like what you were saying. So where can they reach you?

Constantin Morun (32:48):

Yeah, so great question, Michelle. Thank you. So you can find, which is the website for my podcast and my own website. If you want to connect with me directly. LinkedIn is the best way you can find me under Constantine maroon or Constantine bo maroon. I'm always happy to chat with anyone that reaches out. If you have a question, if you like Michelle was asking earlier, if you want a bit of inspiration, happy to help. And of course our podcast, you can find all over social media, on Instagram, on TikTok, on YouTube as well. We are under Unleash software and many other places.

Michelle Henderson (33:21):

All right. Well thank you. Thank you, thank you so much. Before we go, I feel like what's one word that you want to say to everybody before we go? Just one word

Constantin Morun (33:32):


Michelle Henderson (33:33):

There you go. Alright everybody, you heard it, so love, love, love this week and I will see you soon. Thank you so much for listening and have a blessed week.

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