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Navigating Psychic Abilities: Lindsay's Journey to Empowerment

Lindsay Leigh sitting at table.
Lindsay's Journey to Empowerment

Navigating Psychic Abilities

In the realm of spiritual awakening and personal empowerment, Lindsay Lee stands out as a beacon of transformation and growth. Her remarkable journey from a frightened child with untapped gifts to an empowered adult is nothing short of inspiring. As an ICF certified coach, intuitive reader, BQH practitioner, and source energy practitioner, Lindsay's story is a testament to the power of embracing one's true self and unlocking hidden potentials.


Lindsay's journey began in childhood, where she grappled with psychic abilities and intuitive insights that often left her feeling overwhelmed and fearful. Like many individuals with innate gifts, Lindsay struggled to understand and accept her experiences in a world that often dismisses or fears the unknown. Raised in a Baptist household in Texas, she navigated the delicate balance between her spiritual experiences and societal expectations.


Despite the challenges she faced, Lindsay's journey took a transformative turn in 2017 with a profound spiritual awakening. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of her path to empowerment and self-discovery. Through encounters with mentors, healers, and spiritual teachers, Lindsay embarked on a journey of self-exploration and healing, delving deep into the realms of energy work, intuition, and personal growth.


One of the most significant aspects of Lindsay's journey is her commitment to inner work and self-awareness. Recognizing the importance of understanding oneself before guiding others, Lindsay dedicated years to exploring her own gifts and healing past wounds. This process of self-discovery laid the foundation for her work as a coach and mentor, enabling her to offer genuine support and guidance to others on their spiritual journeys.


Today, Lindsay's passion lies in helping clients unleash their highest potential and transform limitations into stepping stones towards their dreams. Through her one-on-one coaching, mentorship programs, and intuitive readings, she empowers individuals to embrace their gifts, overcome obstacles, and create meaningful change in their lives.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Lindsay is a firm believer in the power of authenticity, vulnerability, and self-love. She encourages others to embrace their unique gifts and trust in their inner wisdom, knowing that true empowerment comes from within. By sharing her story and insights, Lindsay inspires others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and transformation.


In a world where authenticity and self-expression are often overshadowed by societal expectations, Lindsay Lee stands as a shining example of courage, resilience, and authenticity. Her journey serves as a reminder that true empowerment begins with embracing our true selves and honoring the unique gifts that make us who we are.

 Transcript of Episode:

Michelle Henderson  (01:04):

Many of us when we're children have intuitive abilities and because of certain things that happen in our environment either our parents get afraid of what we're seeing or the belief system in our family shuts it down and then we become afraid of it and we shut it down.  Our next guest went through this very thing and we're going to talk about that she had a spiritual awakening as an adult and embraced who she was and is now a fabulous light worker. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Lindsay Leigh  (02:21):

Hi, I'm doing great. How are you, Michelle?

Michelle Henderson  (02:25):

I am doing fantastic, and I am so excited to get another intuitive psychic medium, all the things that you do. So I'm so excited to talk about it and bring it to my listeners. And whenever I found out your story and I was reading your bio, I thought, oh my gosh, this is me. She's describing me. And I found it interesting that everybody has a lot of the same life experiences and the same life story. So I want to start from the very beginning. You as a child, can you share with us what you experienced as a child and why you decided to shut down your psychic abilities?

Lindsay Leigh  (03:14):

Sure. So it's funny because people will say, when did you get your abilities? And you'll probably agree and you'll say they've always been with you to the point where you didn't know that they were any different than what other people were experiencing. You just kind of went through the world thinking, well, I have this, everyone has it, and you just kind of live with it, or you don't know anything is wrong or wrong in quotes. But when I was a kid, I could feel things. I could hear things. Oftentimes it sounded like there was a dinner party going on in my mind that I could turn the dial up and down. And then one of the biggest things that I vividly remember was at night I never knew what I was going to see. I never knew what I was going to wake up to.

I didn't know what was going to be coming out of my closet. And that's really where a lot of this fear started to come up because every single night you go to bed and you're in the darkness and you start to see things. And from what I remember, we are not exciting or beautiful or anything that you necessarily would want to see. And so I lived in a place of extreme fear. My poor parents dealing with trying to get their child to go to bed every night was a battle. And it was constant. It was constant. Every night I was experiencing something or I didn't know what I was going to experience. So I lived in just immense fear, not knowing what I was going to see. And sometimes I would see things during the daytime, but it was particularly intense at night in that liminal in-between space or just laying in your bed at night watching things sort of go by or stare at you.

Michelle Henderson  (05:03):

Right, right. And yeah, I totally experienced the exact same thing because I think when after the day end, it's so quiet, that's when, and you're not really thinking about things. That's when spirit wants to visit. And of course they don't know that you're afraid being so young, they just want to talk to you. And I find it very interesting. Okay. And the number one thing, yes, a lot of children with intuitiveness cannot sleep at night. So let me ask you this, did you tell your parents, and if so, how did they react to it?

Lindsay Leigh  (05:38):

I feel like I told them sometimes, but not all the times. And it's so funny because in movies you see kids do this and you're yelling at the TV or just tell them, just let them know what's going on. You don't have to experience this by yourself and you're doing the same thing.

Michelle Henderson  (05:53):


Lindsay Leigh  (05:54):

I mean, I remember telling my mom one morning, waking up, and I told her, I was like, mom, I had another dream about the future. I know this is going to happen. And she was fine. She was just like, oh, I used to have those two. And I was like, what? You used to have those two? And I would say little things, but they didn't have any way to help. They didn't have any tools in that space to help, and so you just kind of had to live with it. And that's what I did is you just had to live with it.

Michelle Henderson  (06:26):

Now let me ask you, did y'all go to church? Did you have a type of religion that you practiced? What religion was that? Okay,

Lindsay Leigh  (06:35):

Yeah, I grew up in the Baptist church, so we went to church on Sundays, Bible study, all of that. And also not always a place. That was always the most that you could talk about those things,

Michelle Henderson  (06:48):

Right? Oh, absolutely. Now, did you grow up in Texas? I know you live in Texas now, but did you grow up in Texas? Okay, so yes. So I was again, the exact same way. And it is still difficult. I mean, it depends on who you talk to because it is such a conservative state. And it's so interesting because you're a lot younger than I am. I know there's more tools, but it's actually where we live as well. There's not as many tools as what they have in different places. I totally agree with you. Our parents want to help, they just don't know how to help. And then you're just going, I don't know what to do. So what did you do or what did you do to relax yourself before going to bed? After a while you kind of deal with it, but what did you do?

Lindsay Leigh  (07:46):

I don't think I ever did. I grew up, and this is part of my longer story, as someone who dealt with a lot of anxiety, and that's a huge part of my life, but most of it was using or having my parents there to comfort me or to stay in my room with me and to go to sleep or the nightlight. I always slept with a nightlight. There were just such few tools I knew how to use. And then there would be things that I might hear on a talk show. I was a latchkey kid, so I would go home, make a snack, and watch show and do my homework. And I would hear things every now and then like, oh, you can try this or you can say this, or you can ask for help. There would be these little things that I would hear that I would try and implement, which is actually what led to me turning off my gifts is from hearing it somewhere else because I didn't know how to manage it or soothe myself in any way. I was completely in the dark on that. I literally knew nothing.

Michelle Henderson  (08:51):

So what if a parent came to you now and said, you know what, our daughter is having these dreams, future dreams, and she feels people at night cannot sleep. What would you tell them now?

Lindsay Leigh  (09:02):

Yeah, I mean, the first thing I always say whenever I speak on this is I say first just believe them. Even if you don't believe it or you're not sure what to do, ask questions, have them talk about what they're experiencing, what did you see? How did that make you feel? Open-ended questions to help them feel like you're going along this journey with them. Help them to feel seen and heard, even if you don't have solutions. And as we know, sometimes people are looking for solutions, they just want to talk about things. And so you can gauge what approach to take just by starting with questions. Even if the questions you don't, again, even if you're not a hundred percent sure you believe all of this, just start asking the questions so that your child feels seen and heard. The other thing always recommend is reminding them that their child has the power to send things away, that they create a space of empowerment so that they don't feel like they're completely trapped in a space that is kind of encroaching upon them. They have the ability to remove things from their space. And so I let them know that you have the power to tell things. You're not welcome here. You aren't here or ask them questions. So trying to break it down into small things that you can do to start creating empowerment as a young little human.

Michelle Henderson  (10:30):

And I love that because that way the parents will also feel empowered as well and not be afraid of it as well. Okay. So now tell us about your spiritual awakening. You closed it down and then you had this spiritual awakening, and as what I'm understanding, it was very intense for you. Can you walk us through it? What was it like for you?

Lindsay Leigh  (10:55):

Sure. So it actually starts kind of on a funny note where, so I lived in Austin at the time and several people had, and I was still, I would get tarot card readings, I'd had psychic readings, but I didn't do any of that stuff. That was not for me, but I found it really interesting. And so there was this woman in Austin who several people had recommended, and I went on her website and I was like, oh my gosh, she's so expensive. I don't know if I'm going to be able, I don't know, that's a lot of money. I don't even know this person. But I saw that she had written a book and I was like, haha, I'm going to read her book and then I'm going to see if I really want to pay her this money. And it was this book that led to my spiritual awakening.

It was, and I think it's in the Bible. It's like the scales fell from your eyes. That's literally what happened to me. I was reading this book and it was like everything changed the way I looked at the world, the way I felt, the way things I believed. It was like everything changed after reading this book. And so it was kind of a joke to me. I laugh as it was a joke from the universe being like, you don't want to pay this girl, but we're going to actually create your spiritual awakening through this book and everything's going to change. And it did. And it started out really expansively and really beautifully. But the intensity came shortly after reading that book when my psychic senses and my ability to started see other things started to come back. I had this experience where there were these for men in biblical clothing that were standing at the end of my bed, and I woke up and saw them, and I just started screaming.

I remember, and I started screaming, no, no, no, no, no. And I remember jumping to the side of my bed to turn on my light because in my mind, light always makes it better. So I run to the light and turn it on. And I jumped out of bed and I ran into my bathroom and I just started crying because I didn't know what they were. I didn't know if they were good or bad. I didn't know why they were showing up. I was just so confused and scared. And then other things started showing up next to my bed. Things were showing up in my meditations, and I felt so completely disempowered because I didn't know what to do with anything. I didn't know how to interact with it. I didn't know if it was good, if it was helpful, if it was not helpful, should these things be I, and it was just this whole, just being scared all the time and not knowing what to do with myself.

And that led to me finally realizing you are not a little child anymore. You can choose to show up differently. And I was also in my coach training program at this time too, which is like nothing is a mistake and there's so much conversation and coaching around empowerment and taking responsibility and accountability for things. And so I chose that approach. I was like, this time I can choose to learn about these things. I can choose to show up differently and I need help and I'm going to go find help. And that's when I started working with mentors who could help me navigate this space from a more informed and more empowering way.

Michelle Henderson  (14:14):

Love it. And you know what, and you said yes to it, didn't you? And I mean, it's amazing. And let me ask you, after you get started and you kind of change the way that you're thinking, your friends are not changing the way that they believe and their belief system. So did you have an inner battle with your belief system that you grew up with?

Lindsay Leigh  (14:39):

Yeah, I mean, because especially when we talk about growing up in the church, I want to say the biggest phrase that showed up for me too is you don't pierce behind the veil. If you open the veil, much bad things will happen. Or you don't want to have too much of a good thing or anything like that that you exploring. This could actually cause something negative to happen. And sure there's light and there's darkness, but over time, Michelle, I could talk about this for four hours.

Michelle Henderson  (15:16):

I'm with you totally because I've gone through the same experience and I think it's great to talk about it because people that are going through the same thing, the battle that goes in with what you grew up with, your belief system. So I think you're doing a fantastic job talking about it.

Lindsay Leigh  (15:36):

I know I'm sitting here thinking, how do I say this in a concise way because I could talk about this for hours, but I'll say there was a lot of self hate I had towards myself because of how I was raised, and not just in the spiritual world, but about exploring anything outside of what I was originally taught. And ultimately what you'll find over time is that love is the most powerful frequency and energy that you can work within and organized. Religion has a lot of love and it's space for you to explore and to learn. It also has some fear that has also kept people within the boundaries of that space as well. And so it's for you to discern what feels right for you and where you are going in life and your larger journey. So for me, when I was going through this, there were some programs and ways of thinking that I wrestled with, and this doesn't happen overnight.

I find a lot of, Michelle, you probably experienced this too, where it's like a lot of clients are like, I want to fix this next month or tomorrow. I want this to happen. Now my journey is years. It's 2023 right now. This started in 2017. I worked alone privately just trying to understand myself for at least two years, two years before I ever got in front of groups to learn how to do this stuff. I didn't go in saying, I'm going to be a psychic and I'm going to work with energy and Uhuh. I was like, I can't even, the fact that I'm doing what I do right now would blow my mind five years ago, three years ago, whatever. I was trying to understand myself first, and I had to do a lot of inner work and shadow work and healing in order for me to even get to a place where I could explore those gifts of mind.

So I want to preface a lot of this with, don't look at where I'm at and think that you should be there today, maybe you are, but know that this is a marathon, not a sprint. And me unraveling some of these unhelpful programs or things in my life that just needed to fall away. And I'm sitting here thinking you were talking about relationships and friends, and I didn't even talk about that too either, but I can talk about friends. But yeah, it does as you grow my friends in Austin, so the whole time I was in Austin, I moved to Houston. I live in Houston right now. I moved to Houston right before Covid, and I started publicly coming out with this side of myself more when I moved to Houston. All of my friends in Austin were like, what do you do now? Why didn't you talk about this? They had no idea. My journey was so private, I didn't know how to talk about it. I didn't know who to talk to about it. And while some people were able to continue to stay in my life, some people naturally just kind of fell away because our growth trajectories just started to move in different directions. And it wasn't anything dramatic or intense. We just started growing apart because where I was going in, where they were going, were just in two different directions.

Michelle Henderson  (19:07):

And I totally agree that it does take several years because you've got to embrace who you truly are. And that's that psychic, the sensitivity, the intuitiveness, the empath. That's all a part of you. I actually went to Shaman and she said, Michelle, there is a reason why you grew up in Texas and why you are still there. And so when you were talking, I thought, you know what? Our belief systems are there for a reason. Everybody is in different places. You've just got to know when to embrace it and when it's your time and you've got spirit team, you've got God right there helping you through each step and not to be afraid of it. Because number one thing I hear from a lot of clients is I'm afraid of it. And I said, that's embracing yourself. That is you. That is your soul. That's speaking. And so it is a whole different concept, and I love that your Austin friends probably really accepted it and going, come on, Lindsay, why didn't you let us be a part of it?

Lindsay Leigh  (20:14):

I know. Well, and they don't really understand it either, but they're so happy to just be along the journey. And I'll read cards for them. We'll go over to a friend's house and I go visit and I'll read cards for them. It was so funny because one of my friends, she doesn't really believe in any of this, and then I predicted that she was going to lose her job and all this stuff, and a month later she was like, Lindsay, everything you said, hard reading at my house was right. And I'm like, I mean, I'm just reading the energy of what comes through. Yeah. So it is funny. That's why it's when people, I'll get a question sometimes, what do you do with the people who don't believe? And for you and I, we're at a place now where it's like, if you only knew the things that I have seen, I don't doubt it anymore because so many things have unfolded to really show us that this is something that is really just a part of the world and it's a part of who we are, and the world can be a magical place.

Michelle Henderson  (21:17):

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. So let's go ahead and talk about your training. So you went through all of this training once you embraced it, once you found your, because I think that is so important. The part of the work is you've got to figure out who you are because you're going to be triggered through clients. If you don't, we get that emotion. So what kind of training did you go through and how did you know where you wanted to go?

Lindsay Leigh  (21:43):

Yeah, honestly, I would say for the first couple of years, well, and like I said, the first couple of years was me working on myself and understanding myself. So it was like I worked with not just coaches, but people who understood that realm of space. So they were looking through my work through that lens. And then I was also trying to understand my gifts. So the different healers and mentors and intuitives that I worked with, they could see me from that place, or they were already very gifted themselves and could, what I needed was I just needed somebody to see me and work directly with me. I wasn't ready for group classes at that time. I didn't even understand me. And so that time was spent working one-on-one with people really trying to just understand myself. Then a friend of mine recommended this one teacher, and I'm very skeptical.

The spiritual world is like the wild west. I am a Scorpio. I'm very skeptical before I work with anyone, and I typically don't want to work with a lot of people. So she recommended this person, and I was like, I don't know. And I followed her on Instagram for a couple of weeks, and I wanted to get to know her better before I ever opted in. But she had these group classes and it was called was an Intuitive Reader Foundation. I was like, I'm not an intuitive reader, but I'm going to start developing my gifts. I need to start doing this with other people. I need to really get out there more. I'm feeling better in my abilities. And through that was truly the moment when I was like, oh, I can do this. I can actually do this because I'm working with other people.

I'm seeing how other people are reading and translating different modalities and stuff. And I'm like, that's the thing is you look back now and you're like, of course I could do this. Of course I could do this, but I didn't have the confidence yet to do it. And so I went through intuitive reader foundations. I've gone through special topics, I've done apprenticeships, I've done energy certifications, all these things because you start to want to learn. You kind of find yourself being pulled in a direction that will help you uncover your gifts a little bit more. So for me, it was like the intuitive topics is what I really focused on for a while. And then I found myself being pulled to energy work. And so I was like, let me see how this works. I want to understand energetics more. And so you go through these sort of experiences and periods of time where something feels really pertinent for you to learn at the time, and then you put that away and maybe something else calls to you and you kind of evolve and learn over time. And that's kind of what happened to me.

Michelle Henderson  (24:40):

What kind of services do you offer?

Lindsay Leigh  (24:44):

So that would want to know what you do? And that's what happens. And Michelle, you and I were talking about this before we got on about how as you work in this space, you start to learn all these different things and it can be really hard to narrow down and say, what exactly do I do? My biggest space that I work in right now is one-on-one coaching and mentorship, and I call it spiritual coaching and mentorship because people come to me for several main areas. One is what I was going through. They want someone to see them and help them develop their abilities and gifts in a very laser focused and tailored way. So I offer that, or some people are looking for a coach and mentor who can look at things through that spiritual lens who can take their gifts and infuse them into the conversation of our sessions.

And then I also work with business owners who also want that take as they're scaling their business or needing some accountability and support. So I do the one-on-one coaching and mentorship. I also offer some consulting services on the site as well. I come from corporate America, so my last role was in consulting at a firm. So I also love that space. And then I also offer single sessions, so for people who aren't quite ready for a longer term commitment, and I do offer psychic ratings energy work. And then I do one of the really fun ones, especially any Dolores Cannon friends out here, I do beyond Quantum healing hypnosis, and those are really powerful sessions. So the one-on-one coaching, and then the single sessions I also teach right now, I'm doing a small group psychic and intuitive development eight-Week program that we actually just started yesterday, so that'll be really fun. So I offer group programs a couple times a year at the most, but the one-on-one container has been my main place where I work with people.

Michelle Henderson  (26:47):

So yeah, is there enough time of the day for you to do everything?

Lindsay Leigh  (26:53):

I know. Do you eat too? I know, I know. I'm wondering about that today myself actually. No, it does. And that's the thing is you're constantly growing and evolving in what you do. Because I used to only offer coaching. I used to only, and then I went for a time where I was only offering single sessions because, and I guess I should add too, in the one-on-one container, what makes it so fun is we can take all of the work I do in my single sessions and put them into the one-on-one container. So all of my one-on-one, clients receive hypnosis if they want it. They receive psychic readings. I call it an all-inclusive approach to make sure that you have the greatest results. But yeah, it is been an interesting dynamic to infuse those different pieces into my day. But it's been really rewarding, and I have to set really good energetic boundaries so that I can rest and show up in my highest frequency way that I can

Michelle Henderson  (27:58):

Absolutely boundaries. And you got to learn that too once you get into this business because the journey is so intoxicating, because you're so excited that you have found yourself and you're on the right pathway, but you've got to watch your energy or it will get sucked dry. So totally agree. Totally agree. Okay, so we're going to kind of switch now. I'm going to ask you for inspiration on any front. So if somebody really needs to be inspired, what would you tell them?

Lindsay Leigh  (28:32):

Oh, if they need to be. Okay. So for my lens, I guess if you need to be inspired, I would say get quiet with yourself and ask for inspiration. Ask for help. Ask for what you need and see what unfolds. If you need a sign, ask for a sign. One of the things that I say over and over again is that there's this idea of non interference and our guides and our angels are waiting for us to ask them for help. And so let them show up for you. See what magic is possible in the world when you ask for help and when you let your guides and your angels show up for you.

Michelle Henderson  (29:14):

Oh, absolutely. And I do tell my clients as well that you have to ask or they will not come got that free will. And then the most important thing is listen, you've got to listen. Because a lot of times I don't like the answer.

Lindsay Leigh  (29:31):

I know. Well, and I, I was reading this book on Signs by Lauralyn Jackson. I love her, and she cracked me up. There's this part in her book where she's like, if you only knew how hard they were working to show you these signs, and then you don't see them.

Michelle Henderson  (29:50):

I know. Just look. It's just a very subtle, that type of thing. Absolutely. Are you ready for the last question?

Lindsay Leigh  (29:58):

I'm so excited. I can't wait for

Michelle Henderson  (30:00):

This. Oh wait, I started spinning it and I forgot to put it on stage. Here we go.

Lindsay Leigh  (30:05):

Let's see what we get.

Michelle Henderson  (30:07):

Oh, since you are the future reader, you read People's Futures, now you get to read your own or think about where you want to be five years from now and why.

Lindsay Leigh  (30:23):

Yes, five years from now, I want to actually, it's funny. This is a goal I've recently set for myself. Five years from now, I want to be doing more speaking engagements in front of people and sharing more of this work. That's something that is on my, I don't have a vision board, but that is part of my vision. I'm like,

Michelle Henderson  (30:46):

You know what? I do vision boards too, but a lot of times, I don't want to say I get disappointed, but it changes as our choices. It may be different in a month from now than five years from now, because I'll be a completely different person. But no, I love that, that you still have to have a vision. But no, I agree. I don't have a vision for it as well. So you're not alone.

Lindsay Leigh  (31:12):

Oh, good. Good.

Michelle Henderson  (31:13):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love doing them as well. So where can they reach you, Lindsay?

Lindsay Leigh  (31:19):

Sure. So I have a website. And will you be able to add my links to this podcast as well? Absolutely. I chose the most confusing way to spell things, but my website is lindsay, and it's L-I-N-D-S-A-Y-L-E-I-G-H. I'm also on Instagram at Lindsay Lee Official. Come follow me. I'm most active on Instagram, I would say over anything, but those are the two main ways that you can get in touch with me book sessions and just reach out and say hi.

Michelle Henderson  (31:53):

Awesome. And what I want to kind of summarize is remember to embrace yourself. If you got that intuitiveness and you feel called from spirit to actually work with your spirit team, listen, and really embrace yourself. Just like what Lindsay was saying, go to somebody, go to a coach that can help you along the way, because it's very difficult to be isolated and alone when you go through this. So make sure that you reach out to somebody like Lindsay that you feel like she would be a superb coach for you wherever you're being drawn to. All right. I, we'll see everybody next week. And

Lindsay, thank you so much for your spiritual wisdom, my dear.

Lindsay Leigh  (32:35):

Thank you. This is great.

Michelle Henderson  (32:37):



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