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Navigating Life's Challenges: Lessons in Authentic Spirituality

Navigating Life's Challenges
Lessons in Authentic Spirituality


Welcome to another episode of Michelle's Inspiration Hour! In this episode, our host, Michelle Henderson, brings on a remarkable guest, Christine Green, a spiritual coach and beacon of empowerment for women. The conversation delves into Christine's journey, her insights on spirituality versus religion, and her dedication to empowering women through her various services and books. Join us as we explore Christine's wisdom and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


The Power of Lessons in Authentic Spirituality:

Christine begins by sharing the inspiration behind her book, "Authentic Spirituality." Driven by a desire to offer her clients resources that specifically addressed their challenges, she penned down her teachings and case histories to create a guide that illuminates the path from fear to faith. The book acts as a testament to the power of self-discovery and finding common ground in the human experience.


Caregiving with Compassion:

Michelle and Christine then discuss "The Caregiver's Journal," a book born out of Christine's personal experience caring for her husband during a challenging time. This heartfelt journal provides a space for caregivers to document their insights and emotions, acknowledging the importance of self-reflection and compassion during difficult moments.


Soul Musings: Finding the Divine in Everyday Moments:

Christine's latest book, "Soul Musings," is a collection of essays that invite readers to explore the sacred in the ordinary. Michelle highlights one story, "A Picture of Compassion," where Christine reflects on a lesson from her father about the value of capturing moments with people. The essays prompt readers to identify past messages that may no longer serve them, encouraging self-compassion and forgiveness.


Facilitating Transformation through Workshops:

Christine expresses her passion for facilitating workshops and retreats, emphasizing the power of group dynamics in fostering shared insights and mutual support. Creating a community of seekers enables individuals to enhance their own journeys through shared wisdom and understanding.


Spiritual Mentoring and Lifelong Learning:

As a spiritual mentor, Christine emphasizes the importance of continuous self-awareness and observation. The duo discusses the transformative journey from reacting to circumstances with judgment to responding with love. Christine encourages everyone to be curious, observe their thoughts and emotions, and shift towards a vibration of love.


The One Wish: Self-Compassion and World Empathy:

Michelle concludes the episode by asking Christine about her one wish. Christine's wish resonates deeply with the theme of self-compassion, recognizing its transformative power in fostering empathy and love not only for oneself but for the entire world.


Closing Thoughts:

In this enlightening episode, Christine Green inspires listeners to embark on a journey of self-compassion, empowerment, and continuous learning. Her wisdom serves as a guiding light, encouraging us to embrace authenticity, find the sacred in everyday moments, and foster compassion for ourselves and others. Visit to connect with Christine and explore the transformative possibilities on your own spiritual journey. Remember, you are not alone, and the path to self-discovery is a lifelong adventure filled with opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Transcript of Epidsode:

Michelle Henderson  (00:10):

Hello! I hope that you are doing well. Welcome to Michelle's Inspiration Hour. I'm your host, Michelle, and I'm thrilled to have you join us for a journey filled with positivity and empowerment. In each episode, we aim to infuse your day with a daily dose of inspiration that'll uplift your spirit and ignite your inner strength. Today we have a remarkable guest with us, Christine Green, a spiritual coach and a beacon of empowerment for women. Through her compassionate listening to her client's concerns, Christine identified common challenges with self-judgment, low self-esteem, victim thinking, relationship struggles, and financial worries that often plague women. This realization ignited her passion to pin insightful books like Authentic Spirituality, A Woman's Guide to Living An Empowered Life, Anthony of Caring shows her own experiences of inspiring stories and soul mussing, finding the sacred in the ordinary. Join us as we dive into Christine Green's wisdom and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. So welcome, welcome, welcome. Let's bring her on and see how she got inspired and how she continues to inspire women. It's just such a wonderful story. Hello. Hello, Christine. How are you,

Christine Green  (01:39):

Michelle? I'm fine. Thank you so much for having me on your show.

Michelle Henderson  (01:44):

Well, I am so excited that for you being here and again, you said yes, so I'm excited and I'll ask you at the very end, I'll say, are you glad you said yes? No, we're going to have a great time, but I do want to open up a question for you that I am, you are such a spiritual leader and you care and you give so much of your energy for others, and so you're making such a huge difference. But what I want to know is what Christine, what do you want people to think of you? Who are you? We wear several hats, but you're not ever asked. Well, who do you want to be remembered by and who do you feel like you actually are?

Christine Green  (02:32):

Great question. I'm a seeker. I teach because I find all the things fascinating and I want to share it with as many people as I can. And I love to see women light up that they learn something new, they have an insight, or they'll come with a challenge and I'll say, have you thought about this? And they just light up. And so I love being of service. I'm a seeker. Yeah, I'm a seeker.

Michelle Henderson  (03:07):

I love it. Absolutely love it. And I really love how through all the experiences that you've had in your life, that you've actually started writing books. Because a lot of people tend to write things down in a journal, but they keep it privately, and you've actually shared yourself with everybody, which is a wonderful thing. Before we talk about the books, I just kind of wanted to have some discussions with you, spiritual discussions. I think a lot of people really need this, and I think this is such an important question because really it's different for everybody and that's why I love it so much. So to you, what is the difference between spirituality and religion?

Christine Green  (03:56):

Great question, Michelle. Spirituality, I hear a lot of people say, I'm spiritual. I'm not religious. And so religion has gotten a bad rap. Both avenues are avenues to find the divine religion tends to be an organized way to get there. And so there are rituals, there are writings, there are scriptures to follow whatever. Religion has some kind of sacred scriptures. So it's an organized way to get there. And there are some people that maybe after growing up a certain faith, maybe something happens, they move away from religion, but there's still that calling. And that's what happened to me. I grew up Catholic. I was Catholic, I received all the sacraments. I went to Catholic school. But then when I left my parents' home, I kind of moved away from that and I said, well, what is it for me? What do I believe? And that's what started me on my quest. So spirituality is more of our own inner search, so to speak, that we do on our own.

Michelle Henderson  (05:16):

Absolutely. And I love that. And I loved how it's so interesting that you said that you were a seeker, and then you're talking about growing up Catholic, and then you thought, you know what? I want to seek and see what I actually believe in. So it all goes together. And I've run into the same thing. I've heard that a lot, and I tend to say that too. Well, I don't tend to say that, but I tend to say I'm both. I feel like I'm religious and I also feel like I'm spiritual at the same time. And it's amazing at how many people who are really, really spiritual have had such a difficult time with religion, and I just feel like I want to tell them, you know what? There's so many churches out there. It's like finding a doctor, a doctor's, not for everybody. So what would you tell somebody that says, you know what? I don't know about religion. I'm fed up. What would you tell them?

Christine Green  (06:16):

Gosh, for me, in my seeking, I appreciated. I could look back at the Catholicism and say, wow, now I understand the ritual. Now I understand why there were certain things. I love the saints. I love Mary. I love Jesus, I love all that. And I don't necessarily follow that prescribed way of getting to God, getting to good. I found a different way. There's no right or wrong way. And so it's to set judgment aside and explore. I always say it's much more powerful to come from a place of curiosity when we can be curious about something rather than judgmental, it makes, it completely changes it. To look at someone and say, oh, that's too strict. I don't like that. I would never go there. That's judgmental. But if you could say, gosh, I'm curious, why do you do that? It changes it completely and it creates an opening to want to know more, to want to, oh, that's interesting. Let's find out more about that.

Michelle Henderson  (07:38):

I love it. And I love what you said that being grateful for your background and for your religious background, because to me, I feel the same way. I feel real grounded because of my religious experience growing up. And then as I, like you said, seek more spirituality, it's almost like it came together and I've appreciated everything that I've gone through. Now. A lot of people, again, with religion and spirituality and everything, they become afraid. So how do you move from being afraid to becoming faithful or finding faith, I guess you could say

Christine Green  (08:20):

Finding faith. Yes. Right? Yes. First thing we have to do is identify what it is we're afraid of. So we live in so much fear. We were trained from fear from day one. It's just the way that we are wired and the universe is wired that when we seem to be on this planet in these bodies, and there's things that we're afraid of. So once we can identify what we're afraid of, then we can begin to look at, and there's a process I take my clients through moving from fear to faith, but we examine what is the fear, and then if I didn't have the fear, what would life be like? And then we look at, well, what's the behavior that I engage in when I'm faced with this fear? And so we go through this process to see what is it that I truly desire? And that once we're able to look at that, then we can line up with that. Then we can move in that direction. And by acknowledging what is fearful and what's going on, it empowers us to be able to move forward.

Michelle Henderson  (09:32):

Oh, I love it. Absolutely love it. Let's talk about your services. I went to your website, and I absolutely love this. I thought, man, she is a woman of all talents. Because you're a spiritual mentor. You do grief counseling and marriage counseling and sacred workshop. I'm having a hard time reading it because, so Memorial Services consulting and facilitating and also speaker.

Christine Green  (10:03):


Michelle Henderson  (10:05):

So you offer all these, and I find it. I love it. Because you offer so many different services for people, grief counseling and marriage counseling. I mean, that is fabulous. And I know I'm going to ask you this question, but I think, so looking at this, which one is your baby? You know what I'm saying? There's so many services that you offer, but which one do you absolutely fall in love with? I know you fall in love with all of them, but which one do you really love?

Christine Green  (10:45):

I think facilitating is the best. I love facilitating retreats and workshops when I'm in that opportunity to bring more awareness or to take people through a process. And we're why I love working with women. When I do women's retreats, we get to be in community together, and we get to feed off each other's energy and learn from each other so someone shares and everybody can relate to it. So I think facilitating a group, there's so many ahas, there's wisdom that flows.

Michelle Henderson  (11:25):

And I love that because, oh, I'm sorry, go ahead.

Christine Green  (11:28):

 No, go ahead.

Michelle Henderson  (11:29):

Oh, I was just going to say, like you were saying, it's like a community. You come together.

Christine Green  (11:34):

Yeah. And right after that, the same thing. Well, where it starts is with spiritual mentoring, spiritual mentoring, spiritual coaching, whatever, however you want to call it, is that's working with the individual. And so that's the most important work there is. And then from the individual, you could go either way. When we're in a group, you know that you still have to do your individual work. And when you do your individual work, you know that when you're in a group, it can be enhanced, it can be enlivened.

Michelle Henderson  (12:05):

And that energy support energy is awesome. I'm sure. I love it. I love it. Okay, so let's talk about your books. Okay, so we've got the three books. Okay. And it's so interesting that you wrote a book for a certain reason. So why don't, I'm going to go ahead and say the book, and would you explain why you wrote it and what the inspiration behind it was? So let's look at the authentic spirituality.

Christine Green  (12:33):

Authentic spirituality. I started writing, my clients would come to me and I would give them assignments, and we'd talk about something and they'd say, is there anything I could read about this? And I would refer all kinds of authors, all kinds of books, but nothing specifically wrote to that topic. Maybe there was a nugget inside that book. And so one day it was like the light bulb went on, spirit spoke and said, I think it's time to write these things. And so I just started writing down what I was teaching. And then I saved my case histories with remarkable stories that I watched, how women evolved from fear to faith or from not knowing what to do to doing something. And so I changed the names in all of them, but I use those case histories to show how people move through them, because that's what we want to know. We want to know, am I the only one going through this? When we find out we're not, it just lightens the load.

Michelle Henderson  (13:48):

I totally agree. I totally agree. And there you go again, with the support. And I think a lot of us tend to shut down because we do think that we're alone. Okay. So then the next book is a caregiver's journal.

Christine Green  (14:02):

So I, gosh, 11, 12 years ago now, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and he had a form of blood cancer, and he was on medication, and the medication stopped working, and he started having reactions in his body, and he had to get a bone marrow transplant, got a bone marrow transplant, and then it reacted, and he had a series of strokes. So now then he lost all of his abilities and to talk to remember to move. So he had to go in rehab and go through this all and learn all over again. And unfortunately, he couldn't survive. His body was so battered by all of this. But in the process, I wanted to create something that, well, let me back up. When I was in the hospital, people would give me books to read or I would try to read when I was, I had a minute.

And when you're a caregiver, you have no brain cells left. Your brain is on one focus, and it's, what do I have to do next? What is the next thing happening? And so I realized I couldn't read anything, but I really needed to write down my insights, my emotions. And so I created the caregiver's journal with a little scenario in it of something I went through and then asked a guiding question so that the caregiver or the patient could write what their insights were. And it's a gift for the caregiver because those nuggets of information that we get, those things that we notice, that little wisdom are so powerful. But we'll forget it in a minute. So it's important to write it down.

Michelle Henderson  (16:07):

Hi, if you are being inspired by this episode, please share with somebody that will also be inspired. We are here to change the world. All right, let's get back to the conversation. Oh, absolutely. And oh my gosh, that is so well needed. Okay, so the Soul Musings.

Christine Green  (16:31):

Soul musings is my latest book. And I was keeping track of, well, I had a journal and then I do a newsletter. And so I was always writing little scenarios of things that I learned, and I had the inspiration put them all together and create a book, which ended up being a journal. And it's an opportunity to look at how do I find the divine in this situation? And it can be as mundane as going out to lunch with a friend. I have a story about going out to lunch with a friend and noticed what was going on, and there's inspiration behind everything. And so if we can begin to train ourselves to notice that it makes a big difference.

Michelle Henderson  (17:24):

Oh, absolutely. And that is the one I read. Okay. So I absolutely loved it. And like you said, it is like a nugget of information and inspiration on a daily basis. So somebody could read one of the essays and be inspired for the rest of the day and really think about what it's teaching you. And so I'm going to talk about one of the essays, it's called A Picture of Compassion, and I absolutely loved it. The one story that really drew my attention was that you bought a camera, and this was before we, the digital cameras where you have to take it to the store and they have to process it, and you have to wait like five days, and then you can go pick it up. That's the little gift of it all. And you ban a child taking pictures of trees and flowers, nature, and your dad gets ahold of the pictures and he's furious.

And he said, why are you taking pictures? The cameras are supposed to be pictures of people. But that was his belief system growing up. And you mentioned that he was short on cash and really having to work hard for it and everything else. And to me, there's one thing that also I picked up from that, putting everything together because he had such love for you, but it's just the way that he was trying to teach you in your belief system. So I'm going to state this. When we are able to view the past with compassion and forgiveness, we change our experiences from fear-based to love.

Christine Green  (19:06):


Michelle Henderson  (19:07):

And I absolutely love that.

Christine Green  (19:10):

Oh, thank you so much. It was a powerful memory. As you felt it, you connected because when he gave me a camera, he gave me my first camera. And so I was just so excited. And then when he said that, I was so disappointed, but there's so much beauty out there. But he was like, no, these are for people, not for plants. And then when digital stuff came out, I would send him my, and I still take, I have thousands of pictures of flowers, of plants and flowers and trees. I just love nature. And yes, I would show him my pictures, and he loved them, and he loved them. But what I could see in the moment, that was his fear. He was coming from his fears, money is tight. We've got to watch this. Let's not be spending it on that, because it was expensive back then. You had to buy the film, then you had to process the film, then you had to wait for it in the mail or go to the store and pick it up. There was a time he had to wait for it in the mail, and that was expensive. So he was just teaching economics, so to speak. But I felt love in all of it.


Michelle Henderson  (20:42):

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. And so in each essay you have not, oh my gosh, I'm just stuttering right here. Affirmation. Okay. It says, I am grateful for the expressions of love that have supported me. And then what we're supposed to be thinking about is identify any past message that no longer serves you. Yes. So I love that. So from your point of view, you had to kind of let go of that message and really have the compassion for your dad.

Christine Green  (21:15):

Absolutely. So many of us have those old messages from our parents, and we're still carrying them around, and there's still resentment. And I work with clients that remember what their parents told them, and they still resent it. And it was like, if we can go back to, they didn't know any better that we grew up. Look how the world changes. Oh my goodness, the world changes so much from when I was growing up. And imagine what our parents were going through. So if we can look at them with compassion, it changes our history and it changes our baggage that we carry instead of carrying around that resentment and that feeling blocked or ignored or separate, that we really feel compassion and love.

Michelle Henderson  (22:07):

Oh, I love it. And I mean, this book is full of essays, so you can look at how you can take one story and really, I don't want to say dissect it, but really feel into it and feel the emotion of what the essay is trying to share with you. Okay. So is there anything that we did not talk about in our conversation that you want to make sure that we bring up?

Christine Green  (22:34):

I think the most important thing in all of this, and you probably do the same thing as being a spiritual advisor, is the most important thing, is that we keep working on ourselves, that we observe ourselves every day, that we observe what emotions we have, we observe the circumstances going on and say, well, what am I feeling about this? What am I reacting or responding? And the more awareness I have, I can respond rather than react. When we react, just like we were talking about in the beginning, we tend to act with judgment. And there's separation there. And the bottom line is we want to be in a vibration of love. And so the more we can be aware of what am I thinking? What am I feeling? And how can I shift this into love? How can I shift this into love? How can I see this circumstance with compassion? How can I see this person with appreciation? So by doing that, all of us are on the journey. We're all on the journey, whatever it may be, through a religion, it may be through your own spiritual, it may be whatever, but we're all on the journey.

Michelle Henderson  (23:57):

Absolutely. Oh my gosh, that is just, Christine, thank you so much for bringing your knowledge and your compassion to the show, because again, a lot of people need to hear this for not only for their journey, but also their healing journey along the way. Because everything you said it does, it changes your vibration once you think about this. And it does. And a lot of people think, oh, I can do this overnight. And no, it's like anything else. It takes time. And then you can really feel your energy changing. And that's when it's all worth it.

Christine Green  (24:37):

Yes. This is a lifelong journey. It's a lifelong journey. There's always something new we're going to be learning, and there's no end point. It's like, what can I learn today?

Michelle Henderson  (24:50):

Right, right. Absolutely. And so thank you so much for reminding us of all of these things. Are you ready for the last question?

Christine Green  (25:01):

Yeah, I'm ready.

Michelle Henderson  (25:02):

All right. Let's bring it on. All right. I'm going to go ahead and spin it. Let's see. Let's see the anticipation. Oh, oh, no, that one. Okay.

Christine Green  (25:21):

One wish,

Michelle Henderson  (25:23):

One wish. So what wish would you wish for?

Christine Green  (25:27):

Gosh, one wish. That's a big one. Yeah. Automatically what comes up, and it's what we're trained with, is world peace. That would be the one wish for all of us. But I think the wish is for self-compassion, because when we have compassion for ourselves that you know what? Every day it's a, we are amazing beings. We get up and we get through the day, we get through the world with all the challenges, all the things we're facing, we are amazing. And if we could have self-compassion, it enables us to move through whatever we're faced with and to have a presence of love for ourselves. Because how are we going to love everyone else if we can't love ourselves first? So first of all, we have to start with self-compassion, and that will lead us to compassion and empathy for the world and what we need now in our world that is sometimes unkind and sometimes separate and judgmental is what we need is compassion and empathy for each other.

Michelle Henderson  (26:49):

That's my wish. I love it. I love it. I wish we had a little genie bottle and give you more than one wish. Then we could give you what, three wishes, and then you could wish for another wish and so forth. There you go, Christine. Well, Christine, where can they reach you? Where's a favorite place?

Christine Green  (27:10):

At my website, rev REV

Michelle Henderson  (27:16):

Okay. Awesome. All right. So everybody, thank you so much for listening. And remember, you are not alone in this life's journey. You can find the compassion, the love, the forgiveness, just everything combined and change your energy so much. But a lot of times you have to reach out, okay? And Christine is like a spiritual coach that can help you do this, but you've got to find somebody who you feel very comfortable with. And sometimes it just takes that little extra support. And we're going to challenge you. You need to learn something on a daily basis, the good, bad, and the ugly. So I wish you well, and again, I hope that you find the inspiration behind each episode. All right, guys. We'll see you next week.



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