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Changing Your Paradigms: Cindy's Empowerment in Business

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Dismantling Paradigms

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and personal development, there emerge luminaries whose stories resonate as beacons of inspiration. One such trailblazer is Cindy Van Arnam, a dynamic individual who has traversed the realms of quantum numerology, universal laws, and conscious coaching to empower others on their journey to self-mastery and enduring success.

Michelle's Inspiration Hour Podcast:

Cindy's compelling story unfolds on Michelle's Inspiration Hour podcast, where she takes the stage as a guest. Michelle Henderson, the podcast's host, introduces Cindy as an extraordinary force in dismantling outdated systems, igniting entrepreneurs, and guiding healers and visionaries toward embracing their boundless potential.

The Paradigm Shift: Changing Your Paradigms

The narrative takes a significant turn as Cindy recounts her pivotal moment—the decision to break away from a business partnership that no longer aligned with her values and authenticity. In a paradigm-shifting move, Cindy chose to "burn it all down" and embark on a journey of self-discovery and reinvention.

Cindy's Titles and Expertise:

As the conversation unfolds, Cindy shares her myriad titles—universal laws coach, quantum numerologist, intuitive business strategist, conscious channel, and wealth activator, among others. Each title represents a facet of Cindy's expertise, all geared towards helping healers and coaches master their minds, hearts, and business skills for sustainable revenue.

Business Mastery and Intuition:

The conversation delves into the importance of self-mastery and the fusion of masculine and feminine energies in the business realm. Cindy emphasizes that success in business requires both strategic action and intuitive alignment. The law of divine timing emerges as a key theme, challenging the notion of waiting passively for success and instead encouraging a proactive, co-creative approach.

Childhood Memories and Courage:

In a delightful twist, Cindy shares a favorite childhood memory that reveals her early affinity for courage and connection with animals, particularly bulls on the family farm. This courage, instilled from a young age, reflects in her approach to business and life.

Inspiration as a Lifestyle Choice:

As the podcast unfolds, Cindy challenges the conventional view of inspiration as something sought externally. She asserts that inspiration is an inside job—a lifestyle choice that requires intention, connection with one's inner self, and decisive action.

Final Thoughts and Invitation:

The episode concludes with Cindy offering a powerful word—courage—and encouraging listeners to find the courage within themselves to pursue their dreams. Her story serves as an invitation to step into one's own power, trust the journey, and, above all, embrace the transformative possibilities that lie ahead.

In the world of Cindy Van Arnam, empowerment is not just a concept—it's a guiding force that propels individuals toward their limitless potential.

Video Transcript:

Michelle Henderson (01:07):

Hi everyone. Welcome to Michelle's inspiration Hour podcast, where every story is a wellspring of inspiration. I'm your host, Michelle, and today we have an extraordinary guest joining us, Cindy Van Arnam. With a passion for dismantling outdated systems, Cindy ignites and merging the entrepreneurs to embrace their boundless potential through quantum numerology and universal laws. She equips healers and visionaries with the tools to master themselves creating a bedrock for enduring success, even a rapidly evolving world. As we navigate this paradigm shift, Cindy reminds us that empowerment is our compass through the storm. It's time to seize control of your business and chart a new course having triumphed over her own shadows, including addiction and trauma. Cindy is a beacon of empowerment. Join us as she shares her insights as a universal laws coach, quantum numerologist, and more. Let's unlock your limitless power together. So I'm so excited to have her. I'm going to bring her on. How are you doing, Cindy? I am so glad that you are here today. Alright, Cindy, I am so excited to hear about your story, about your life story, about where you are now, and a lot of people don't know that. I was actually on your podcast. Okay. Absolutely loved our conversation. But since then you have really changed direction in your life.

Cindy Van Arnman (02:45):


Michelle Henderson (02:46):

Your vision has changed and to me, I tell people, even though it's uncomfortable, you need to change that vision and go with your intuition. Okay. So go ahead and tell us where you were before you changed that direction and why you changed it.

Cindy Van Arnman (03:05):

Yeah. I started my business way back in 2016 and at that time I met my spiritual mentor and throughout the course of working with her, I fell in love with her as a person, as a coach, as a teacher. And so we ended up coming in together as a business partnership. And so I was helping her build her business and I had big dreams and big visions for what was possible for her because she was an incredible teacher. And then in the fall of 2022, I started noticing things in the relationship and in the business that just didn't sit right with me. One of my top values is authenticity and integrity, and I was not seeing those show up for me. And so it started to feel really uncomfortable when you do things out of your own value system, all of a sudden we're like, this doesn't feel good.

And us as humans, we love to be attached to the way things are, but I'm really good at the pivot and I trust myself because of the work that I've done with my numerology and universal laws. And so in sitting with all of this and realizing this doesn't feel good, this is so out of alignment, this is not okay for me and my own wellbeing. So I made a decision in January of 2023 to burn it all down. I literally just quit and walked away. And on the day that I quit, I also bought my first house.

Michelle Henderson (04:33):

That's what people do whenever you're changing careers and everything, let's buy a house.

Cindy Van Arnam (04:38):

Yeah, right? Because that's normal,

Michelle Henderson (04:42):

But good for you because you knew that it was going to be okay.

Cindy Van Arnam (04:45):

Yes. And I think one of the biggest things is us as humans, we like to look back and we like to regret. And I mean we do need to grieve. We do need to look at those things. And that period of time of letting go of that relationship was really hard. Not only were we business partners, but we were very close friends and that whole friendship fell apart as well. And so there was grief, there were things to navigate in that. But one of the things that we do as humans is we keep looking backwards and we focus on all the things that we don't love and that we hate and that we're grieving and we forget to look forward to what's next. And so there was no mistake that I bought a house on the same day that I burnt it all down because I was focused on what's next. And I'm so flipping lit up right now about what I'm creating and what's coming. Not only did we buy a house, I got engaged, I built a new business from the ground up and I'm moving forward. So it's really exciting.

Michelle Henderson (05:43):

Oh, well see. And you can tell, I mean when you're talking about it, you just light up. And I do want to bring up, and I do want to know where you are now, but that plaque behind you where it says boss, which that means that you are the one in control, you are the boss. And I think you said a lot of good things that people need to know because it really is difficult to make changes. It's hard to make that leap of faith, I guess you could say, because you bought that house. And to me that's awesome because you knew it was going to be okay. You have that vision you carried on, and you're a strong personality at that. I think people can find that courage and move forward. Hi, if you are being inspired by this episode, please share with somebody that will also be inspired. We are here to change the world. Alright, let's get back to the conversation. Alright, so Cindy, tell us now since you decided to burn all that down, what your road is leading to now and tell us about everything that you have learned at this point and all of your titles. I know there's so many.

Cindy Van Arnam (07:06):

Oh my gosh, so many. Right now I am really working with healers and coaches to master their mind and their heart and develop the business skills required to create sustainable revenue. Now, I use all of my different modalities to help people with that, but I'm always adamant, nobody's buying your modality. They're buying your energy and wanting to work with you. They're investing in working with you. So I can list all of my certifications. I will do that for your audience because I've got a lot, right? Yes,

Michelle Henderson (07:39):


Cindy Van Arnam (07:40):

I'm a conscious channel, so I channel the numbers and I also channel with the law of divine timing. I am a certified universal laws coach, so I work with over 25 different universal laws. I am a master and I work with two different systems of numerology, one of which there's only a thousand people in the world who do what I do. So it's very unique and I am an intuitive business strategist. So like I said, I work with the healers and the coaches. I'm very passionate about the eradication of spiritual poverty. So I am a wealth activator. I can go on, I used to be a virtual assistant, so technology comes easy to me. So I help people with the simple systems, the workflows, the checklists. When you come to work with me, I literally just say, here's your sandbox to play in.

Michelle Henderson (08:35):

I absolutely love that because I know so many people that are in the healing business and to spirituality, they can't get money. So the first thing that they need to get over, which my spiritual teacher, Lisa Williams, always says, you want to help people. That's in your heart. You're an empath. So you've got to get over that. You've got to start charging for your businesses.

Cindy Van Arnam (09:03):

Oh my, Gosh, yes.

Michelle Henderson (09:03):

And so I think your service is so needed. So if somebody is brand new that's coming into the business and is wanting to make money, what is the first thing that you do to help them?

Cindy Van Arnam (09:19):

Yeah, well, we got to work with the mind and the heart first, because if you are plugging yourself into strategy without first knowing who you are and what you want, why you want it, it's going to be really hard and it's not going to work. There's got to be that alignment there and you've got to be able to trust yourself as a business owner. You have to be able to trust yourself. So we start there. We start with self-mastery so that when you are plugging into the strategy, you're doing it your way and not the way that some cookie cutter system told you to do it. That's really important. There's a lot of noise in the online space. It says you need to do this, that, and everything else, and then we're all overwhelmed.

Well, first of all, you didn't get into this business to learn marketing and sales, but you need to learn marketing and sales, but you've got to do it your way. It's so important. So mastering the mind and the heart is first. Then I teach people consistent content because social media is a very powerful tool for your business, and most of the people that are using it are doing it wrong. And so I teach you how to use it in a way that really supports your business so that you're not on Facebook all day long. You only have to post once a day, not 15 times a day. And I teach you what to create so that it's not cookie cutter, it's not vanilla. You stand out from the crowd and it's your voice, it's your self-expression. But not only that, I teach you how to express yourselves in the sales conversations, in the marketing, in all your sales pages, all of that stuff.

I teach you what to say in your own voice, and then from there you need a plan. You really do. Because what I also see is because we're intuitive, we get all these ideas and these downloads, and then what ends up happening is people are flinging things at the wall in the hopes that something will stick. There's no actual plan, there's no sustainability, and it's like, oh, I'm going to throw up an offer and then nobody buys it because there's no system or structure behind it. And so I bring in those pieces to help you understand the very simple basics of it. You don't need a website to make money online. Let's start there.

Michelle Henderson (11:44):

Right. It's kind of one of those traditional things, like you said, you don't have to follow the traditional way to make marketing and business money. You've got to think differently because things are always changing.

Cindy Van Arnam (11:58):


Michelle Henderson (12:00):

And just like what we've been talking about, we always get back into what is familiar, what we're used to, what we follow. So I totally agree, and I love that you said that you don't have to post on Facebook like 15 times because those people that do, I tend to say, I don't want to see any more posts.

Cindy Van Arnam (12:21):

I've had enough of you. Exactly. And actually what happens, I did an experiment with this just to prove to myself that this was real. So all the marketing gurus out there, they say content creation, content creation, post everywhere and post all the time. So at one point I was creating five pieces of content for every single day. Now I do a lot of repurposing and I've got systems in place. So don't think that you got to burn the candle at both ends. I work maybe 30 hours a week during a busy week, but I was posting all of this content and I was getting no engagement. So I went to my business mentor and I said, am I posting too much? So we did an experiment and I dialed it back to one piece of content, valuable, amazing piece of content every day. And my engagement shot through the roof. I was saturating my own feed with too much content. So dial it back a notch. Yay.

Michelle Henderson (13:24):

No, I was, you're perfect. No, no, no. I was going, yay. I didn't want to interrupt at all, because I think that is fantastic, and I absolutely love that. And with the website, that's where my familiar piece, my normalization is. But it also with my website, because it's familiar, that's where I send my clients to schedule things because I don't have a secretary. And so that's the only reason why I'm paying for my website. Other than that, I'd probably ditch it. I know there's different ways that you can do that.

Cindy Van Arnam (14:03):

I see so many. What I see happening so often is because we've got this fear of putting ourselves out there, we don't want to sell. We don't want to come off as this used car salesman. We don't want to be sleazy. So we distract ourselves with the busy work that makes us feel productive, but isn't actually moving the needle forward in our business. And many people think that that's a website. Well, I'll make money when my website's built. I'll get my website done, and then I can go and sell. Right? Well, the fastest path to revenue is sales. And you don't need a website to sell something. You need three things to start a business in the online space. Number one, you need a way for people to book a call with you. So in the beginning, that can be manual and forth. Let's pick a time.

Eventually you need some sort of system, some sort of call booking system like you suggested. I suggest Acuity for everything. It's the most intuitive, easy to use system, but there's lots of different options out there. You also need a way to get paid. Well, PayPal has created that for us. So has Stripe. And for those of you who are concerned about the fees, it's the price of doing business. Build the fees into your pricing. So you need a way to book a call. You need a way to get paid, and you need a way to communicate with people. That's called Zoom. Get on Zoom and meet with your people. Right?

Michelle Henderson (15:30):


Cindy Van Arnam (15:30):

And using Facebook Messenger is a really powerful way of communicating with your people as well. Get in the dms. It's not greasy and slimy if you do it the right way. If this business, this coaching business is relationship building, it's all about relationships. And you can't build a relationship if you don't talk to people. So go talk to people.

Michelle Henderson (15:52):

And I love that because the fact, because of the podcast, I feel, and I think that's why I love my creator creating a podcast, is because of the connections, talking to people, talking, brainstorming, what we could do, like what I'm doing with you right now. And so I know that you have your own podcast as well. What is the name of it and what is the purpose of it?

Cindy Van Arnam (16:16):

Yeah, you know what I love? Again, another pivot. So when you came on my podcast, it was called Rebel Radio, and I was interviewing guests around the topic of self-mastery. It has now been rebranded as of January, of course, because I burned everything down. It's now called The Life at Full Blast podcast, and it's my voice because I had a lot of guests, amazing people. I had incredible conversations, but I realized that I have things to say. And so the podcast is very unique. Actually. It is a weekly episode. It is for the healers and coaches, but it's more of a motivational, inspirational style show, and it's actually based on the numerological influences of the week that it comes out on. Now, it's timeless. It can work for any time of the week, any time of the year, but if you listen to it on the week that it comes out, it's really going to hit home because it's based on what's happening right then and now.

Michelle Henderson (17:16):

Of course, I love it. So that's where you're using your talent as well, is because you can predict and know when things are good to go and when you need to wait along the line. So your podcast, is it on Apple? Where can people Listen?

Cindy Van Arnam:

It's literally everywhere. Okay, good.

Speaker 3 (17:37):

Fastest place to find anything that I do is my website. I have a website. I know full blast You can find my podcast from there. That would be the fastest place to find it, but it's on.

Michelle Henderson (17:51):

Yeah, and even though we're talking about websites, I know exactly what you mean. A lot of people will not move forward unless they have a website or they can't afford it right now. And like you said, just move forward with it. I do have another question about a lot of my clients that come to me. They're always saying, you know what? I want to go into the spiritual business, but I'm making money right now, but I'm not making money in my spiritual business, and I want to burn what you're saying, burn that other job.

Michelle Henderson (18:23):

What would you recommend for them to do?

Cindy Van Arnam (18:26):

Yeah, well, you can absolutely make money doing what you love. Let's start there. And it comes from a place of really knowing who you are and what you want to experience, and having trust and faith in that. So numerology can really support in that. That was my biggest growth, was looking at my chart and see it's the best personality assessment you could ever get. And understanding my thought patterns and how I accept things, how I integrate things, that really helped me to just kind of take the leap and to trust myself. But it really just requires a leap of faith. You've got to just at one point decide, you know what? I'm doing this now. Don't quit your job until your business is making money. I usually don't that, but it's not going to require 80 hours a week to build your business. If you do it right and you get the foundation built the right way, you can do it as a side gig to begin with. As you develop that trust, as you take a little bit of a leap and the next leap and the next leap and the next thing you know you've got sustainable revenue, and you can leave that nine to five in the dust.

Michelle Henderson (19:36):

Right? Love It. Love it. Absolutely love it. And I love that you said that you're following your passion, you're following that intuition. Okay, so if I came to you and I said, I need inspiration, I need some type of inspirational statement or something, I'm having this horrendous week, What would you say? What is something that inspires you? A quote or something?

Cindy Van Arnam(20:03):

Well, this is going to be an answer that most of your audience, and probably you won't expect.

Michelle Henderson (20:08):

Oh, okay.

Cindy Van Arnam (20:09):

Inspiration is a lifestyle choice. Inspiration is an inside job, the inspiration. And so we are constantly looking for inspiration outside of ourselves. We go out into the trees, we go out onto the beach, we look for quotes. We're always looking for it outside of ourselves, but inspiration comes from within. It is in co-creation. If you look at the word inspiration in inward spirit with God, source, universe, whatever label you choose to give that. And then the shun is the action part. So you've got to the intention. You've got to know what it is that you're looking for. I want inspiration. You can do some breath work, do some yoga, meditate, whatever it is that you want to do to slow down and listen to spirit and then take action on that thing. And sometimes that thing doesn't make any sense because our ego wants to get things done off the to-do list. And inspiration is saying, go take a nap. And you're like, yeah, I don't have time for that. I'll do that later. So for me, I always say inspiration is a choice. You get to decide if you're willing to slow down and listen and find out what the next step is. And from there, take action upon it.

Michelle Henderson (21:33):

Oh, I love it. Absolutely love it. Alright. Is there anything that we did not talk about that you want to talk about before we bring the will on?

Cindy Van Arnam (21:41):

Yes. I really want to bring in the law of divine timing because I work with all these universal laws. The law of divine timing is one that is misconstrued a lot. I hear this happen in the spiritual space, a lot of, oh, well, it's all in divine timing. Well, if the universe wants me to experience it, then I will. And the divine timing cycle, actually, there's six stages to it. And in those six stages, there is one particular point where you decide that you will experience it instead of waiting for the universe to hand it to you on a silver platter, we must make the decision because we are in co-creation with the universe. We're not these weird alien beings wandering around in a universe that we're not connected to. We are the universe. And so we've got to work together with the universe. Yes, there's 99.999% of the stuff we can't see. We can't perceive it, but the decision point is energetic, not mental. And so when we make that decision, we're actually activating every single cell in the body to co-create with the universe and make it happen. And so it's not about, well, if it's meant to be no, it is meant to be. If you decide you are going to experience it.

Michelle Henderson (23:05):

Absolutely. That's where you get a lot of the spiritual people going, well, you know what? My clients will come to me, the energy, the universal will send me my clients. And you know what?

Cindy Van Arnam (23:17):

That actually happens. It happens all the time when you've got your energy at the right quote unquote vibe when you're running the right frequency. But a lot of that frequency has to do with decision. And I think we've got this weird balance happening right now where we've gone from crazy masculine energy of go hustle, grind. We've seen the shift now over to the feminine side where it's meditate and spend time in the garden and it's beautiful, right? But we can't leave masculine energy behind. We've got to take action. It's not, I mean, yes, clients will just come to you. That does happen. But you've got some things to do. You can't just be like, oh, clients will just come to me and then not have anywhere for them to go. Right. There's still work to do. So we've got to find this balance between the masculine feminine, where it's a lot of meditating time in the garden looking at butterflies, and there's a time and a place for action and doing the thing.

Michelle Henderson (24:18):

Absolutely. And I love the combination.

Speaker 3 (24:20):


Michelle Henderson (24:22):

The male and the female. Yeah, absolutely. The energy together,

Michelle Henderson (24:27):

It really makes, and that's all a whole mindset that people grow up with belief systems, so they don't, they're not exposed to it. So that's what we need. Your services.

Cindy Van Arnam (24:41):

Well, I mean, I grew up on a farm with work ethic, very masculine energy. Go, go, go. You get up at five in the morning and you go to bed at nine o'clock at night. But this is again, universal law. There's a law of polarity where you must have one and the other. You can't just operate on one. You can't have light without dark. You can't have day without night. You can't have good without bad. Well, you can't have a business without masculine and feminine. You got to have both. Yeah,

Michelle Henderson (25:13):

I love it. And really, if somebody does not know about business, they don't know where to start. You've got to reach out and do your research so that you can get some guidance, because a business cannot start off. And you got to consider, and I love what you said earlier, that it is a business. It's not just a spiritual business or a Spiritual Goal. It is a full business that you're looking at.

Cindy Van Arnam (25:44):

If you're wanting to make money using your gifts, then you have a business. If you're wanting to just give all your gifts away and not make money, then it's a hobby and go for it. But know the difference between the two. And if you want to have a business, you have to have support. I have never, ever, ever tried to do anything in my business without some sort of mentorship because we get caught up in our own heads and we can't see the forest for the trees. And you've got to have somebody who's mirroring back to you, your thoughts, your language, your beliefs, so that you can make the changes that you need to in your business.

Michelle Henderson (26:24):

And I love that because don't you think even the people who have been in the same business forever

need to have Mentors?

Cindy Van Arnam (26:30):

Absolutely. Absolutely. I would never try to run my business without having mentorship at this point. It's not about learning new skills. In the beginning, you're learning new skills, you also need that. But once you've got the skills in place, then you just need somebody to talk to once in a while, who gets the industry, who understands your patterns and your limiting beliefs and all the other stuff, and

will call you out on it when you're holding yourself back.

Michelle Henderson (26:59):

That's true. Kind of like, come on, you need to move. Yeah,

Cindy Van Arnam (27:03):

Exactly. Take more action

Michelle Henderson (27:04):

Or an idea that you didn't even think of. Exactly. Because sometimes we get wrapped up and we get obsessed and then you can't really think about, and the ego gets in the way. And then that way we're not really thinking. So I agree totally that you definitely need to have a mentor whenever you're especially starting out, but also as you're going along as well.

Cindy Van Arnam (27:25):

Yeah, absolutely.

Michelle Henderson (27:25):

Are you ready for the wheel?

Cindy Van Arnam (27:27):

I am always ready. I was born ready.

Michelle Henderson (27:29):

Alright. Alright. So I'm going to share the screen, but sometimes my guest will see it and I won't for some reason, but I can still spin it. Okay. Can you see it?

Cindy Van Arnam (27:43):

I can see it.

Michelle Henderson (27:44):

All right. I'm going to spin it.

Cindy Van Arnam(27:49):

At least you get so fun. I love it.

Michelle Henderson (27:51):

You won't win a million dollars. Oh, I love this.

Cindy Van Arnam:

Favorite childhood memory.

Michelle Henderson (27:58):


Cindy Van Arnam (28:00):

Oh my gosh, so many. Let's see. Okay, that's good. So many. My childhood was really good. I grew up on a farm and I was surrounded by chickens and horses and cows. I was talking for a minute for that memory to come through my intuition to go here. Okay. So we had a herd of cattle when I was growing up, and we bred our cows for meat. So we would ship our calves off for the meat industry. And so we had a couple of bulls that were in a different pasture. Well, these bulls were very, very friendly. And if you ever watch rodeo and you watch bull riding, it's dangerous. It's one of the most dangerous sports in the world, I think. I watch them and I'm like, whatcha doing? That's, that's smart. And people like adrenaline more than I do. But when I was a kid, I used to walk up to these bulls in the pasture, they'd be laying down and I would walk right up to them and climb on their back. Was I allowed to do that? No.

Michelle Henderson (29:08):

Oh my gosh.

Speaker 3 (29:08):

But I did. Anyway. His name was Calhoun. He was the coolest dude. And I would just go and lay on his back in the middle of the field and just hang out and watch butterflies.

Michelle Henderson (29:21):

You know what? And that says a lot about you. And I live in Texas, so I understand about the bull riding. I would go to all the rodeos and everything, but, but that says a lot about you and your energy that the bull allowed you to do this. And It's almost like, because I know horses are the same way, that if you're comfortable, they'll be comfortable around you as well.

Cindy Van Arnam (29:49):

Yeah, absolutely. Everything in our experience is a mirror. So our animals mirror back to us our own energy. Right? Which this is one more point about your business. If you want people to invest in working with you, everything's a mirror. Go invest in yourself.

Michelle Henderson (30:09):

I love it.

Speaker 3 (30:10):


Michelle Henderson (30:11):

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it. Okay, so before we go,I want you to think of, you've already given inspiration, but what is one word that you want to leave everybody with? I know it's hard.

Speaker 3 (30:25):

One word. Courage.

Michelle Henderson (30:27):

Courage. Oh, I love that. Alright guys, you have heard it from Cindy. I mean, again, if you are starting a business or you want to start a business, find the courage. Find that in. You always think the bear get started. And if you need to have help, find a business mentor. And that is what Cindy does. So find somebody that speaks your language, someone that you're comfortable with, so that you can show the world who you truly are. Alright, thanks for listening and I will see you next week.


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